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You Tense? Trouble Sleeping?

Updated: Jul 10, 2021


Notice the multiple senses react to “Mountains and Water” to help guide you through your meditation, relaxation, or sleep. This audio/video project is created to induce deep sleep and the optimal sound for REM cycles. Mountains and Water will assist you in your quests for deep sleep music or those with insomnia.

Listen to the relaxing sounds or guide your calmness with the view of mountain peaks, slopes of the valley’s, and the accentuation of the water.

Use the audio and video in your spa or yoga studio. The audio in the background will help with deep breathes and relaxation in spa activities or yoga sessions.

The Flowing Soul uses both senses of vision and hearing for soothing relaxation in body and mind. Tune into our relaxation channel and find the perfect peaceful music track to ensure whole-body relaxation.

Quiet your mind with "Mountains and Water" and relax from your day or as you prepare for sleep. The audio will support your sleep preparation and overcome insomnia for quality rest.


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Credits: Audio and Video Creation

Brian Hogue, Full Sail University 2018

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