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Relentless Pursuit

Haven’t posted in a few months and I am here to explain why. I have been procrastinating with writing a blog because I’ve been spending time prepping for an upcoming move, starting a new business venture, increasing work through video production, following GaryVee’s advice by saturating social media, selling a property, feeding my obsession with motivational videos, working out…HARD, maintaining a strict food intake, etc…



If there was a reason not to write, I used it. I had new ideas to post but none compelled me to wake up in the middle of the night and write shit down. Certain ideas kept me awake, but not enough to take action. Until today. I realized what I was doing was unconsciously following the steps of advice from guys like Gary Vaynerchuk, Andy Frisella, Eric Thomas, and Les Brown. These guys motivate the shit out of me. I usually listen to them before I go a crush a workout in my garage.

I didn’t realize this at first, but I started saying “yes” to things to do for other people. Things like, build a custom table. Help build a fence. Cut down a tree. I did it without negotiating a price, time to complete, or delivery. This was NOT like me at all. Was it growth? Was it naivety? Maybe both? Did I not care that much? I honestly did not have the answer. I just did it. I didn’t care if I was paid. I found I was doing something I enjoyed doing. Building something from raw materials and completing it. This time, I did something that made me happy, for someone else.


I kept listening to things on YouTube and social media from the “Fearless Foursome” and noticed other changes. I rearranged my garage (gym) to make it bigger for more people to workout. Subconsciously, I had no reason for expanding the workout area. God had a plan. Key point here is I was working on a plan for which I had no answers or explanations. The strange thing…I didn’t have any more people showing up to workout than me and the Ninja.

Who is the Ninja? My workout partner that never lets me forget my weaknesses! For example, right now we’re working on handstand holds. Not against a wall or other supports. Free handstand holds!

All of a sudden, another person showed up to workout with us. Then I booked a 1 on 1 training session 3 times a week for 6 weeks. Then I received an email to train 4 pre-teens twice a week for 4 weeks.


What the hell is happening? This is not like me. I need structure and planning so I can identify how I can make it better. Ahhhh (light bulb)…there was the problem (or solution). I didn’t have time to think. My thinking was destroying my productivity. My productivity toward achieving my goals. My productivity in life.

Yeah! I’m being a little dramatic by saying “life”. But here is what I understood later (more recently), my over-thinking was getting in the way. The Foursome continually repeat “…master the things you love and the money will come. Believe in yourself and your vision and the universe will get out of your way.”

I was starting to do things that made me happy. I started to stop thinking how to exploit monetary benefits from the things I wanted to do. I started waking up earlier and working on my crafts. A few things were for the benefit of others, which…yes, made me happy.

Uh oh!

What is this?

What is happening to me?

What and who had I become?

The best way I can describe it, is that I had a psychological change (realization) to pursue the things that made me happy instead of chase money, success, and affirmation of others. It was quite liberating. I started accepting people and circumstances as they were and not how I wanted them. Or more to the point, how I thought others wanted me to want them.

For the past 2 to 3 months, I have tried to workout twice a day. For nothing more than to get better at coaching CrossFit (which I love), understand how my body reacts to certain stresses, and how much I can push myself further and further. At 46, (a glowing, massively hunky and buff 46, no doubt) I feel fabulous. A result of this push, I needed to eat better, stricter if you will, to recover faster and get better sleep. Don’t get it twisted, this big boy likes his cheesecake! I just stuff my face less frequently with it.

I love what I’ve been doing recently. I also know if I want this to keep going, I have to work hard. Harder than others. Smarter than others. The Foursome talk about having a relentless pursuit toward your goals. One of the results of my relentless pursuit toward being more fit, is when I listen to some motivation from these guys, often times I am brought to tears. Not out of fear. But an absolute desire to outdo, out work, out hustle, outperform any and every one. I want to do this so much my emotions must come out! I embrace those emotions because I know the result of such a relentless pursuit. I stopped over-thinking my circumstances and/or future and started developing an insane, relentless drive toward anything to improve myself and others.

I’ve been relentless toward pursuing what makes me happy.

Relentless toward getting toxic people out of my life (Big one!).

Relentless pursuit of self-improvement and becoming the very best version of myself.

Relentless pursuit of comprehending all the new internet/social media nuances.

Relentless pursuit of success in my business ventures.

Relentless pursuit to reading books (non-fiction).

Relentless pursuit of learning something every day.

Relentless pursuit of not caring about other people’s opinions.

Relentless pursuit of not judging others for anything.

Relentless pursuit attempting to help someone else for no reason.

Relentless pursuit of accepting reality in the moment.

Relentless pursuit of enjoying everything I can.

Relentless pursuit of understanding I don’t have ANY time to waste.

…and finally

Working out!

Drinking coffee!

Posting more shit on my blog!

Being so AWESOME that I Hook Grip My Coffee Cups!

See you soon!


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